Wedding Checklist

A wedding to-do list can be overwhelming and stressful. You have so many things to plan and prepare for your wedding. What you need is our checklist tool that will help you keep track of all of your wedding tasks in one place. Never worry that you're forgetting an important appointment or to-do again. Using the checklist tool, you can track tasks and appointments and mark them when completed, plus view all upcoming and completed tasks at any time. You can email tasks to the groom, bridal party or family members, too.

Tackle your tasks
Our checklist is pre-populated with the task categories most brides need. Simply login and click on the "add new" button to customize your tasks.
Pre-populated list to help you get started.
Easily filter your list to view only the items you want to see.
Easily add, edit, and remove item and appointments.
Manage Appointments
When planning your wedding, there are so many appointments that you have to schedule. From the caterer to the cake, we've got you covered. To enter an appointment from the checklist page click on add new and then select appointment. Just like with the tasks you can select bride, groom or both. Next select the category, day and time for the appointment. Enter any notes and then click save.
Assign an appointment to the bride, groom or both.
Set reminders and add notes for appointments.
Manage appointments with your bride or groom so each knows exactly what needs to be done and when.
A Checklist You Control
Remembering all of the little details can be extremely challenging when planning a wedding. We understand - and that is why we've got the tools you need all in one place! Not sure if the groom has made an appointment for his tuxedo fitting? Can't recall if you are meeting with the caterer today or tomorrow? Not sure what you still have to do? Your checklist will help you track it all - and when you've completed a task or appointment, just mark check the box to mark it as done.
Identify between tasks and assignments.
Overview of category and items to complete within those categories.
Easily customize categories, tasks, assignments, and views to match your needs.
Share, Print, or Email your checklist anytime.
Share your checklist with the bride or groom as well as family members at any time. Edits will be synced in your checklist, so you never have to worry that your wedding checklist isn't up to date! You can also email or print your checklist, if needed.
Share your wedding checklist with the wedding party.
Print your checklist
Email and download important task and appointment details.