Inspiration Board

As you plan your wedding, you'll find inspiration all around you! Capture those inspirations and display them on your very own Wedding Directory inspiration boards. Experiment with multiple boards until you find the inspiration that is just right for your special day. For all your detail and design ideas, you can create a board for every aspect of your wedding.

Create your inspiration board
Looking to see how colors go together for your special day? Create an inspiration board and view the best combinations.
Variety of templates to choose from.
Easily select the images from your albums.
Ability to resize and shift images within each section to highlight the photo.
Inspiration Board Details
Enter in specific details so your inspiration board provides a great resource to reference for you and others you share it with.
Enter title and descriptions about your board.
Share your board with others by granting access.
Easily add, move and resize photos on your inspiration board.
Your Inspiration Boards
You can create multiple boards to reflect every portion of your wedding. Your Bridesmaids dresses,flowers and cake inspirations can each have their own board. You can also have an overall mood board to reflect the style and feel of the event as a whole. Have fun creating!
Share boards with your wedding party.
Use inspiration boards to coordinate with vendors.
Create as many boards as you like.