Guest Wedding Tracker

You've set a date, booked a venue and shopped for a dress. Now it's time to decide who to invite. Our free Guest Wedding Tracker will help you keep track of your guests for the shower, ceremony, reception, and more. With the Guest Wedding Tracker, you can fully manage your guest list. Simply add, delete, and keep track of all your guest correspondences in one easy to use wedding tool.

Adding Guests
As you plan your shower and wedding, deciding who to invite isn't easy. Your parents or future in-laws will have their opinions, and the groom will too. Deciding how many guests you can accommodate is one of the biggest wedding decisions. To get started click on Guest Wedding Tracker on your dashboard. Then click "Add a New Head of Household"
Add a new household
Add guests to current households
Easily add, edit, and remove guests from households.
Household Guest Cards
Household guest cards provide an easy way to manage all your guests. You can easily add, remove, or edit any guest information. You can also switch between guests by simply selecting the dropdown which identifies all your guests and their status level on the guest wedding tracker.
Include guest attributes such as relation, designation, gender.
Household cards provide an easy to scroll tab between events.
Manage all your guests from one simply interface.
Tracking RSVP's
When you send out your invites, you can check the box and mark it as sent. Once the invites go out, you'll be anxiously waiting to find out who will be able to attend your event. As the RSVPs come in, mark them in the tool so they don't get lost or forgotten. You can do this for the shower, ceremony, and the reception.
Manage rsvp's online.
Know the status of each of your invited guests.
Easily add attributes such as meals, special requests.
Wedding Stats
With the guest wedding tracker, you can see all of your guest stats at a glance. Just click on the guest stats tab to see the total number of guests attending your event and the total number invited vs. the total number attending. This feature makes it easy to see how much space is left in your venue and to give your vendors correct numbers of attendees for your big day!
Wedding stats by category
Stats by event
Email, print, or download your wedding stats.