Wyoming Wedding Laws


Wyoming wedding laws could easily take away your happiness on your wedding day if you do not move to comply with them in advance.

The state does not allow the following types of marriages:

Proxy marriage
Covenant marriage
Cousin marriage
Common-law marriage
Same sex marriage this was banned after a constitutional amendment.

The applicants that will be given the license will be those that will be between the ages of 18 and over and those that will be 16 will need to cone with consent from the parents. The bride is required to take a blood test for rubella. Those brides that are above the ages of 50 are not required to take the test. For the grooms there is no need to submit the blood test result.

If one of the parties that are supposed to get married is not present at the solemnization, the person who will be conducting the Wyoming Wedding may authorize a third party to be a proxy for the absent person. This is however done when the person solemnizing the marriage is fully satisfied that the absent party was truly unable to be present to consent the marriage. If he does not allow for the proxy to take place, the couple can apply for another petition from the district court to get another order that will permit the proxy marriage.

Common law marriage is allowed as long as the following requirements will be met:

The applicants that are the age of 18 will produce a written consent from a parent or legal guardian
Minors will have to attend at least two counseling sessions and spend at least ten days apart.
The counselor must be approved by the state
They must produce a letter from the counselor giving his opinion on the marriage and the potential of the marriage working out.
Those who are under the age of 15 are not allowed to marry.

The state laws also require that you meet the various requirements that have been set by the different counties where you will get the license. Most of the counties will not require you to be a resident of the state so as to get thee license. They however need you t produce proof of nullification of any previous marriages and death certificate of previous spouses.

Wyoming weddings can be performed by licensed or ordained clergymen. Any clergyman that is not from the state and wants to perform a wedding there, they will first need to get a permit from the county where they will be conducting the wedding or from the place that the wedding will be held.

Not that there are so many people who are not aware that, if the Wyoming Wedding license is sent to you through the mail will not mean that you are officially married. The document must be signed by a clergy man or a judge. The license will also need to be signed after the wedding ceremony has been conducted and sent to the proper government agencies for validation.

Published: 07/16/2010 by Wyoming Wedding


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