Wisconsin Wedding with Purple Flowers


One of the colors that is in season for the Wisconsin weddings is purple and there is no better place to have the color than in the choice of flowers. One of the prettiest colors that one can have in a wedding is purple and the shades range from pale lilac to rich eggplant.

The Purple Rose Bouquet
For most couples in Wisconsin that go for the traditional wedding, most of them prefer to go for the purple roses. The best way to use the purple the roses is by making bouquets which allows you to include the different shades of purple. The bouquet is proffered in the traditional wedding because it can be match with any attire that will be worn.

Romantic Wedding Purple Flowers
There are so many choices when it comes to choosing the romantic purple flowers. The most common choices are the French tulips and the lilacs which are used mostly in the Wisconsin wedding gardens. The two allow the wedding to combine other flowers and even other shades of purple. They can also make bouquets that will go well with the wedding dress and the bridesmaid dresses. Remember that you will need to color coordinate so that the romantic feel will come out perfectly.

The Centerpiece Flowers
For the centerpieces there are so many displays that you can make from the purple flowers. For the people that want the centerpiece to have some height, you can choose to flowers that will have tall stalks and with many blossoms for the display to look splendid. One other splendid display of the center piece is the use of snapdragons that you can combine with others that have shades of pink or white ones.

Exotic Style
Purple flowers are also a great choice when you want to create that sophisticated exotic style. For the exotic feel, the best choice would be the eggplant that you can tie with a silk sheath. The other perfect choice would be the orchid; these give a very conceivable purple hue that is ideal for that rare sophisticated look. You can also submerge the orchids in the flowers that have been used to create the centerpiece.
For the brides that love the wild flower style there are so many lovely options that they can select to combine with purple flowers. Most brides go for lavender asters because they create a feel of elegance and simplicity at the same time. In the fall, the lavender flowers work very well especially for those couples that want to avoid the standards that are mostly red or orange flowers. If you want the informal display of the wild flower style to look terrific, you will only need to create a small arrangement using the lavender, there are so many people who go for the vase but arranging them also creates a good display too and it is also unique.

There are so many other ways in which the purple flowers that will make the Wisconsin Wedding to be simple and yet to remain memorable.

Published: 07/16/2010 by Wisconsin Wedding


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