What To Look For In A Wedding Gown


If you want to walk down that aisle looking like fairy tale princes, paying a big attention to your wedding gown isn’t an option, it is a must. Every single girl has this dream as early as childhood and with this day and age, information isn’t a scare resource hence no excuse for not getting the best.

Last minute shopping may have worked for your groceries but I promise it wont here. Looking for wedding gown could take as long as a year and shortest for months. Information is power even here. Attend weddings, watch bridal and wedding shows, read bridal magazines and talk to people who’ve been through the experience before. If you can afford it, consult an expert. This ensures you are updated on the latest designs and hopefully the best bargains.

Design, type, color and size are key parameters to a wedding gown. What looked good on that celebrity couple may not on you. White may be common but feel free to be creative and sneak in some light shades of calm colors on your dress and this can be well complimented by your choice of accessories. Be sure to keep it simple and elegant though. Be very specific when placing your order whether it’s a tailor made dress or off the counter purchase. Make sure to try it on as many times as possible and make adjustments on time and do this with someone who will give you a very honest opinion. At the end of the day, you want to ooze confidence and comfort on you big day and so perfection has to read to the last detail. Lavish your body and get something that flatters your body shape.

Budget is a big issue and perhaps your biggest headache at this point. Write your budget and be sure to stick to it. Visit as many shops as possible. Try on as many dresses as possible even the ones you’re sure you won’t afford. This gives you a feel of quality and fashion. Don’t feel guilty of bothering the shop attendant. It’s your big day and the only time perhaps you get to get away with everything. Online bridal stores give you more options and be sure to check on any stores that could have offers on wedding gowns and accessories. Hiring instead of buying is a big saver. Using your friend’s or mums gown though considered old fashioned could save you a lot of money too just be sure to have it adjusted to your measurements.

Location, the kind of occasion and your personality should be put in consideration when getting a gown. A floor length gown will do for more formal occasions while a short dress and a short veil and smaller gloves will do it for a less formal gathering. Calm colors go well with shy people while more daring colors would be more comfortable with people who are less shy.

Finally, enjoy the experience; have fun. Ensure you do a secure shopping; beware of con-people taking advantage of your excitement. Only the very best is allowed. Remember you and many other people including your children will be looking at those photos for many years to come. Make sure you have no regrets.

Published: 08/12/2010 by Bridal Wear


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