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Devising a Wedding Photography Checklist

Why should you take the steps to properly compose a wedding photography checklist? Look at it this way: things always work out better when they are properly planned. By taking the steps to list all the aspects of the wedding you wish to have photographed long in advance, you eliminate missing anything. And considering the fact that you cannot do the entire wedding over, you will want to avoid missing key photographs.

So, for those that want to avoid any calamitous oversights, here is a wedding photography checklist that may prove helpful:

First, any and all photo subject should be photographed in three ways. These ways include mid-level chest height, full length, and a wide shot incorporating the near vicinity as well as the other members of the wedding party that would be associated with a particular category on the checklist. Again, this reduces oversights and expands the number of photos you will acquire.


Photos of the bride should include various solo shots, photos with the groom, photos with mother and father separately and with all three together. Photos of the bride with other members of the family are suggested and, certainly, so would photographs of the bride and the bridesmaids.


Essentially, the photos of the groom would be virtually identical to those photos under the Bride category. This means single and group photos with mother and father, relatives, groomsmen, the best man, and, of course, the bride would all be essential photographs to take.


The wedding photograph checklist does not mean the photos are only taken at the wedding. The photos will include the entire day which includes those moments prior to the wedding. Common examples of this would be the bride trying on the wedding dress, the groom getting ready, bride and groom each getting into their limos to head to the wedding site, etc.


The setting up of the decorations, attendees signing on to the guest book, parents and grandparents entering into the hall and being seated, the entry of the bridesmaids, groomsmen, ringer bearer, flower girl, and guests should all be captured by the photographer.

The bride traveling down the aisle and the giving away of the bride are certainly important to be photographed from a variety of angles.

The bride and groom together during the entirety of the ceremony from various different angles are certainly obvious to be included. This also includes their exit from the altar. And, of course, any special requests for photos during the ceremony should be reasonably accommodated.


Without a doubt, the reception is great for a number of excellent items on the wedding photography checklist. This includes the removal of the garter, the cutting of the cake, the bouquet toss, the toast, and other special components to the reception.


Pre-planning photos at the bridal party is not always easy to devise because this is an event that is virtually completely free form and not planned. Taking photos of all the members of this event interacting with one another could be considered viable items on the wedding photograph checklist.

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