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If you are planning on having a Washington Wedding, there are some legal matters that you should be aware of before hand. Do not postpone learning about the legal expectations or you may end up postponing your wedding if you do not meet them

Where to Find the License
 If you want to get a wedding license in Washington, all you will need to do walk into any clerk offices in the county where you will be planning to have the wedding. Most of the times the clerks offices are located in the circuit court or in the country probate.

The marriage license fee will vary from one county to the other but the standard fee in most counties is $52 and it is only paid in cash. There is no need for both of the partners to be present when paying for the license; you also you don’t need to be a resident of the Washington so as to get the license. After you apply and pay for the license, you only need to wait for three days before you can get it. Once you have received the license, you are allowed to have your Washington Wedding.

Who Gets The License?
Those who are18 years and over are allowed to get married even without the consent of their parents. The clerk’s office requires that you bring a copy of your birth certificate to prove that you have attained the legal age. For the partners that are below the age of 18 the parent or legal guardian must be present so as to give their consent. There are some cases where the partner is less than 16 years old and in such a case one must produce a court order to prove that they have been allowed to get married.

Validity of the License
There is no need for any physical test or exams that are needed so as to get the license. Once you have the license, you have 60 days to get married before the license can expire. If the partner that you want to get marry to was previously married divorced or the spouse is not alive, a copy off the divorce decree or death certificate will be needed as proof.

Changing Of Names
The changing of names will take place after the wedding ceremony has taken place and you have been issued with the wedding certificate. The wedding certificate will be legal proof and you will present it to the government agencies. You will need to notify other institutions like your bank, employer, and credit card agencies about the change of your names.

The process of changing names can begin and note it is the last names with the use of the legal name change kit. This can be take place either before of after the wedding but it is better to do so before the Washington Weddings ceremony has taken place to avoid any inconveniences.

Prohibited Weddings
The Washington state does not allow marriage to cousins, same sex marriages, common law marriages and marriages by proxy.

Published: 07/16/2010 by Washington Wedding


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