Unique Reception Ideas


Coming Up with Unique Reception Ideas

Unique wedding reception ideas are always in demand because most people want their wedding to be thoroughly memorable. Of course, the wedding does not end after people take their vows. It is followed by the reception which is often among the more memorable – and fun – aspects to the wedding. The wedding reception can be a proverbial blast for all those involved. In order to make it more fun, here are a number of ideas for a wedding reception that are quite unique:

Rather than simply have a traditional (nee bland) wedding reception, why not pick a particular theme that allows the reception to stand out from the norm? This does not mean you will be holding a wedding reception that is esoteric or off the wall. (We do not want anything that unique!) Rather, you could look for seasonal themes, religious themes, themes specific to family traditions, or really anything that would make the reception stand out and remain memorable.

Bring in high quality entertainers for the reception. Generic wedding bands are, well, generic. Why not bring in an atypical entertainer that can make the festivities more engaging such as someone that specializes in synthesizer music? Such entertainment can also be featured along with a traditional band if it is a little too different to be the featured attraction. And did you know certain celebrities can be booked for personal appearances including wedding receptions. Perhaps that could be a rather novel and original idea to explore.

The location of the wedding reception can also add to its originality. Did you know, for example, that many people will move the reception to a short cruise ship? Others have even held the event at a movie theater where the screen can be employed for a number of visual presentations that tie into the theme. In the winter, ski resorts have even been employed as the location. Really, the location can truly contribute to unique reception ideas. Granted, you need to be sure the location is easily accessible to the guests as you do not want to make the location too difficult for the wedding party to actually attend.

And one of the more minimalist ideas would be to simply use unique decorations to truly revamp the look and feel of the reception. For example, decorations that are derived from Greek antiquity could truly present a rather different and interesting look to the reception. Of course, the concept of ancient Greece is but one example. You really would not be limited in your decoration selection except by your own imagination. And decorations can often be procured rather inexpensively. This alone proves that some of the most unique reception ideas are rarely the most expensive ones.

As a rule, only minor changes from the traditional process of holding a wedding reception can deliver a truly unique event. Many unique reception ideas are low on cost and high in creativity which makes them accessible to anyone willing to try something slightly outside the norm. Consider that when you plan your upcoming nuptials.

Published: 04/30/2010 by WeddingDirectory.com


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