Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Favors


Choosing the right wedding favors is not at all difficult once you know what the theme of your wedding is. These few tips should guide you in the right direction when searching for the ideal wedding favors.


Let Your Wedding Theme Guide You
The theme of your wedding is the first thing that should help you in choosing the right wedding favors. If your theme is seasonal, such as a fall wedding or summer wedding, your favors should match and reflect the season. The same goes if yours is a Victorian-themed, beach wedding or fairytale-themed wedding. The main colors of your wedding should also be reflected in the wedding favors you choose, so keep them in mind as well.


Understand Your Guests’ Interests When Shopping For Wedding Favors
Before choosing the right wedding favors, always consider what your guests would be interested in. If their thing is sports, or wine, or even stationery and other interests, your wedding favors would have the best impact if they matched with what they love.


Work With A Good Budget For Purchasing Wedding Favors
Do not get carried away when buying wedding favors especially when shopping at a bridal store. There are lots of low cost wedding favors you can get when you get creative. Remember that your guests will appreciate whatever you give them, so you can be confident in your choices.


Always Incorporate Your Own Personal Taste In The Wedding Favors
There are some popular types of wedding favors that you will find, but your taste will help you personalize them. Your own personal taste makes the gifts more worthwhile. Some examples include having a photo of the happy couple as part of the wedding favors, or a poem written by the two of you to celebrate your love.


Select Wedding Favors That Are Decorative And Long Lasting
It is very possible to find gifts that will last long when choosing the right wedding favors. Items with the couple’s names inscribed on them such as picture frames, bookmarks and so on can do well as wedding favors. Favors that can be displayed are also ideal, such as candle holders, flower vases and so on.


If Possible, Choose Wedding Favors That Are Practical For The Guests
Items for everyday use make even better wedding favors. A few ideas include key rings, bottle openers, a pair of decorated and personalized chopsticks, and so many more. These items will be a constant reminder of your wedding and generosity.


Throw In Some Edible Wedding Favors, Too!
When choosing the right wedding favors, do combine your wedding favors with edible goodies, such as mixed nuts, Hershey kisses, mints, homemade jam and so on. You could have anything from candy to healthy snacks that your guests will enjoy.


These simple tips should set you on your way to choosing the right wedding favors for your guests. You could even place the small package of wedding favors as place cards at your wedding reception. Make sure you involve your partner in choosing the wedding favors and enjoy your shopping!


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