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One of the major things you have to decide when choosing a photographer for your wedding is what style of photography you like best. There are many different types of wedding photography available. Each will give your photos a unique feel. Sometimes you can find a photographer who will use all three basic styles, but typically photographers will favor one type of photos or another. Here are three types of photography to check out:

Portrait Photography: The Traditional Method
The photos you probably see in your mother’s wedding photo album are most likely portrait style photography. This is a no nonsense style that often featured posed shots of couples or groups. You can throw a few more creative photos into this mix, including some fun posed portraits, outside portraits, and close up shots of rings, bouquets, and even shoes. This is the typical type of photography that people display in their homes, and you may want to have a few portrait style photos even if you mainly want to use the other types of photography.

Photojournalism: Look Natural
If you look in many trendy magazines today, you’ll find photojournalistic styles. These are basically photos that are taken when people aren’t looking. They’re not posed, and they come across looking like they are all candid. This type of photography is great for the reception, especially. Many bride’s albums these days are filled with photojournalistic pictures of the hours leading up to the wedding as well as the wedding and reception themselves.

Soft Focus: That Romantic Glow
This type of wedding photography started becoming popular in the eighties, and you probably find some soft focus photos in your mother’s wedding album. This type of photography uses a specialized lens that gives the finished photos a soft, smudged sort of look. It can be very romantic when it’s done right. You can combine a soft focus lens with portrait or photojournalistic style photos quite easily.

There is also the basic divide, too, between color photography and black and white photography. Color photos are normally the most popular for typical wedding pictures, but black and white pictures can be excellent for showing a lot of detail and emotion. One great option many couples are using right now is to have black and white photos touched up with just a few colors, so that your bouquet or other bright spots stick out in the photo.

Published: 08/21/2010 by Wedding Photographers


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