Portrait Style Wedding Photos with a Twist


Portrait style photos are the main wedding photography staple. They are basically the posed photographs of groups of people who are important to you on your big day. You probably will pose these photos on the altar, outside, or in front of a backdrop. They’re the photos that your parents and in-laws will display and that you’ll keep in a wedding album to show your kids. Even if you mix in some photojournalistic style photos, you’ll still want to have portrait photos of your wedding day, too.

However, you may not want to have totally traditional looking portrait style photos. If you want something just a little different, there are some ways to put a creative twist on these photos. Here are some ideas:


Use a backdrop.

Most wedding portrait photos are taken in the church or outside. You can make your photos really stand out by using a colored backdrop. If your wedding party is wearing light colors, consider a stark black background. Your wedding party will look like they’re floating on a dark background once you get the photos framed. You can also work with backgrounds that have designs in them.


Set up a photo area.

If you’re not getting married in a very beautiful location, make your own beautiful picture location. Use fabric, tulle, flowers, and other decorations to make one wall or corner a great place to shoot photos.


Use a soft focus lens.

Soft focus photography is really popular for wedding photos right now. The special lens a photographer uses adds a romantic glow to the photos, making them seem warm and soft. You can use this type of photography along with regular portrait style photos for something a little different and a bit more interesting.


Get creative with black and white.

Classic black and white photos can really add a touch of sophistication to your wedding album. You can make portrait style photos seem more detailed and emotional just by having the photographer use black and white film. You can also digitally alter color photographs to make them black and white except for a few colors, such as the red roses in your bouquet or the gold of your wedding band.


Think of interesting poses.

Portrait photography is by definition posed. It’s not candid like photojournalism, but you don’t have to stick with traditional poses. Instead, think of some interesting or fun ways to pose the photos so they’re more unique.

Published: 08/21/2010 by Wedding Photographers


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