Planning a Beach Wedding in California


Are you planning a California wedding? It is the most populous state and third largest in terms of land area after Alaska and Texas and is home to cities like Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco and San Diego.  It is also one of the largest growers of cut flowers in the United States and explains why there are many beautiful flowers and gardens for a stunning wedding event.

A beach wedding is rejuvenating and relaxing and will give you a unique experience that will be with you forever.  The powerful presence of the ocean is both romantic and captivating and is the perfect setting for a romantic venue to exchange vows with many beaches to choose from.  

Some of the approved items for a California wedding at the beach include; chairs, tables, canopies under 400 square feet, small archways and runners, under 30” high stages, and generators which are battery powered.  Items which are not approved include; side paneled tents, vehicles on pathways or park turf or pathways, bike path or ocean front walk, bike path; staking into turf or attaching anything to shrubs, trees, amenities and other facilities; fires, cooking, blocking pedestrian pathways or sidewalks, smoking, glass containers and alcohol.

The following tips will help you in planning a beach wedding in California
1.    Get a wedding planner who will shoulder the burden of auditioning, researching and securing local vendors and if you are considering having an outdoor wedding getting things like portable toilets, tents and special stations for food preparation.
2.    Schedule a familiarity tour as guests will be dependant on you the moment they reach the destination.  Have adequate signage on the beach to direct your guests to the ceremony and if parking is limited at the beach, you can organize a shuttle service from a central place to bring your guests to the ceremony site.  Check if there is a limit on the number of people allowed on the beach.

3.    Check up on vendors to ensure they have sufficient experience in California weddings on the beach and do not be shy to ask for a portfolio of pictures with at least three weddings.  It is important to check that the portfolio is actually for the vendor who did the event and it is safe to use a vendor who was recommended by someone you know.

4.    Advise your friends and family that the wedding ceremony will be at the beach for them to know how to dress appropriately as this may not be a place to wear stilettos.
5.    Mind the weather when choosing your dress and go for lighter silhouettes and fabrics, and make sure to apply some sunscreen to avoid serious burn.  Always have a back-up plan in place incase the weather pattern changes.

6.    Park what you will need for the ceremony like candles or vases or you can have it shipped ahead of time and ensure you can take everything onto the beach easily.

7.    Make it easy for your guests by having amenities essential for the day outdoors like suntan lotion and goodies to remind them of the setting like beach towels, sandals, beach fun bag and lip balms.

For your beach California wedding in, it is advisable to arrive early to make sure everything has been set up and stay hydrated and relaxed to avoid exhaustion and fatigue during the ceremony.

Published: 06/28/2010 by Calfornia Wedding


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