Personalizing Your New Mexico Wedding


If you are seeking to personalize your New Mexico Wedding, you need not to start worrying about the costs of doing so as this will only derail your ambition. People in New Mexico will always remember what was good about your wedding that was about someone else’s wedding. For this reason, you will have to focus on the key things that will help you to make your New Mexico wedding a unique occasion.

Here are ways through which you can make your wedding unique;

Go For The Wish Tree Rather Than A Guest Book
Let your friends write loving wishes for you and you spouse on paper cards and hang them on a special wish tree as opposed to the traditional guest book. You can use an actual small tree for this purpose. When you are through with the wedding event, you can take the tree and plant it in a place where you and your spouse will always see it and remember the intimate moments of your wedding day. The wish tree will always serve as a solid reminder of your wedding. This style has been a rapidly growing phenomenon in places around New Mexico such as Curry, Union and Sandoval.

Have Creative Bouquets For Bridesmaids
You can achieve this by having each bridesmaid to carry a bouquet made from only one type of flower then have as many bouquets as the types of flowers available. You may be able to achieve this through the help of florists who are always available to offer such services. These florists can easily be found in flower shops across New Mexico whether you are having your wedding in Roosevelt or ea. Grant or Eddy. Having your flowers uniquely displayed shows how the special people in your life have uniquely come out to appreciate your New Mexico Wedding.

Use A Personalized Theme
You may want to include beautiful memories of your childhood or where you grew up in the country in your wedding. This will no doubt give it a theme that is unique to you and your wedding day only. This is the reason why you may choose to go for wild flowers rather than formal cut ones. This may be the reason why a couple in San Juan decided to have a rustic wedding when they had all the options to have it otherwise.  Whatever your personal reasons lead you to include in your wedding will make it unique and memorable to your guests.

Personalize The Drinks
It has become a growing trend in Valencia and Lincoln for couples to want to include their family’s traditional favorite drink at their wedding. Some insist on a particular type of drink they took when they first went out for a date.  In Valencia, a couple gave a glass of their traditional favorite drink served in a traditional glass to all the guests at their wedding.

However, do not go overboard if you decide to personalize your New Mexico Wedding. For instance, your guests may be offended with over the top decorations when the intention was not to create such an impression.

Published: 07/13/2010 by New Mexico Wedding


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