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Your wedding day is probably going to be a more hectic and confusing time than you think it will be. Most brides have a vision of everything going smoothly, but that rarely happens. Even if you turn over most of the duties to other people, someone will have to be working all the kinks out. One of the best ways to make sure that at least your photographs go more quickly is to make a list of the particular photos you want before your wedding.

The best way to do this is to skim through wedding photos and albums for ideas. If you’re getting portrait style photos done, this should be pretty easy. Just list all the poses you want and all the groupings you want. For instance, you probably want several pictures of yourself and your bridesmaids, a few with the entire family, and some with you, your husband, and each set of parents. Think not only about the photos you want for display but also the pictures that you’ll give other people for their own home displays.

You should also have some ideas of the photos you want during the ceremony and reception. If you get a good photographer, though, you’ll be able to trust them to work out these photos mainly on their own. They’ll be there to capture the most important moments of the day, which is great. However, if there are specific shots you want, especially still life style shots of things like your cake, wedding rings, toasting glasses, etc. you will want to write all those down.

Once you have a list in mind, meet with your wedding photographer to discuss it. You can often do this when you sign the final contract. Make sure your photographer knows your expectations about style and specific photographs.

Talk to your photographer, as well, about how you’ll get everyone arranged for photos on your wedding day. Many photographers will come with an assistant, but the assistant won’t know who everyone is for each shot. It’s a good idea to have a wedding coordinator – just a friend or family member who isn’t otherwise involved in the wedding – to help arrange people for photos. This person can gather up people for particular shots and help the photography portion of your day go more quickly and smoothly. It might seem unnecessary now, but having a list of photos and a photo coordinator can be a huge help.

Published: 08/21/2010 by Wedding Photographers


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