Honeymoon Tips In for a Florida Wedding


Florida has some of the most popular honeymoon destinations and what a better place to have your honeymoon, with its coast-to-coast fun, festive atmosphere of Miami and the upscale Palm Beach and Boca Raton to Walt Disney World in Orlando, affordable accommodations and great sunsets for a couple to enjoy warm weather during their honeymoon. So when having a Florida wedding, you should be able to find the perfect location for your honeymoon.

Traditionally honeymoons were the responsibility of the groom, but it is important to include the bride in the arrangements in order to cater for her likes or dislikes.  To make it exciting keep your honeymoon destination a secret, the following are tips to make your honeymoon a success:
•    How much do you want to spend on your honeymoon for example do you have the resources for a world tour, a night at a motel or something reasonable.  Agree on how much you want to spend early and how many days you want your honeymoon to last.

•    What would you like to do during your honeymoon, do you want to explore an exotic destination, or do you like sun or sports after your Florida Wedding?  You can do this by making a list of the things that matter to both of you and compare; this might call for many compromises and marriage is the place to start.

•    Get the help of a travel agent who will be able to make all the arrangements and leave you with nothing to worry about, incase something goes wrong you can always get back to your travel agent.

•    Decide on a destination especially if you are on a budget, keep in mind many places are likely to adjust their rates seasonally.

•    Let the hotel know you are honeymooners when making reservations as they will likely want to please you and might be upgraded to a better room at no extra charge or receive a bottle of wine or champagne.

•    Be private especially if the destination is a place where some of your guests like to hang around.  No kids, no company and no pets as your honeymoon is for the two of you only.

•    Have extra cash that you think you will need or carry a credit card.  It is easy to prepay for everything or select a resort where the rates are all-inclusive covering lodging, food, transfers, activities, drinks and more.

•    Make time to do nothing at all to enable you relax after the hassles of planning a wedding.

•    Be mindful of your partner’s wishes as this is the beginning of a life of compromising for each other.

You can save money after your Florida wedding by planning your honeymoon during the low season between June and November as more often than not showers tend to be brief and the sun sooner emerges.  It is important to make a list of the things you will need for your honeymoon and you can narrow down the list by establishing the things that are absolutely necessary and are more of your wants.  Make sure to read the fine prints for your travel and accommodations to enable you know what is included and make budgeting easy.

Published: 06/28/2010 by Florida Wedding


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