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Hawaii is one the world’s most famous wedding and honeymoon destinations. A Hawaii wedding is something many couples long for. Such is the allure of this exotic island. The sun, the sand, the sea and the love of your life by your side, the magnificent orange rays of the sun set well reflected by the beautiful waters…at this point you can let your mind drift away with the wildest fantasies. They say everything and everywhere was made for a reason, Hawaii was purely created to give you the most romantic experience of a lifetime. It’s the most incredible place to have your wedding.

If you are planning on having a Hawaiian wedding, you expect to have the wedding experience of a life-time, something different, something exotic. To achieve this, have an expert handle the details and planning. Get yourself a reputable wedding planner and you will be surprised at how spoilt for choice you will be. You may want to conduct a reconnaissance tour to experience and just have fun exploring the different locations, hotels, tour activities, shopping experiences, the weather, food, shopping experiences…. Make a well informed decision. For sure, you will be spending quite a tidy sum on this,  so make sure it will be well worth it.

You don’t want to be in a hurry, travel early enough to relax before your big day if you’re traveling from far. Have a long enough honeymoon package too and just enjoy each others company. Get a package that gives you more time and more experiences for less money. I mean, you can never run out of things to do in such a magical place. Play golf, explore the culture, shop, scuba dive, soak yourself in water and sand and just get wild. Let the young, wild you come alive

For the daring type or if you are looking for some serious action, soar high above the pacific ocean in a parachute or take a helicopter tour, go for a dolphin cruise and experience other marine lives in the process, try snorkel or take kayaking lessons with the experts. Better still, try the tubing adventures or relax on a horseback tour.

If you want the whole of it, night does not mean dull for Hawaii. There are enough of the traditional island music and song if you don’t want to be far from your hotel. Shake some weight off in one of the dance clubs; stay young and happy by laughing your lungs dry in one of the many comedy nights or just get mesmerized by the acrobatic and magic shows.

If you are coming with family or friends, you might want to get a team package. You will still be spoiled for choice; I mean this is a land with activity. Fun is the key word here. Stay together, play together and bond.  Just make sure they don’t take up all your time, you need some experiences alone as a couple. By now, you should have had enough activity for one trip and make sure you carry the memories. Get a good camera or hire a photographer. All this will depend with your budget and be disciplined enough to stay within your spending limits. No one wants to be diagnosed with depression after a wedding because you spend all your money unwisely. Be money and time wise and enjoy your Hawaiian wedding.

Published: 08/12/2010 by Hawaii Weddings


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