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After the long, seemingly unending journey of looking for that one person with whom you could share a lifetime together, have kids with and grow old together. You finally meet Mr. Right! You should be overjoyed since not many women get to where you are. Most likely both of you have a vague idea of what kind of a Rhode Island wedding you are going to have and who you will want to be a part of that special occasion.

Did you know that in Rhodes Island, cousin marriages are allowed? This is in contrast to many other states. It is also important to note that there is no waiting period for a marriage to take place. The wedding fee application is almost half of most states standing at only $24 in cash. Rhodes Island is also a major centre for jewel manufacturing; you could take advantage of this and ask your partner to get you a wedding present from there.

If you have both decided that you w ill not spare anything when it comes to cost. Then you need not worry about the tiny winy stuff. On your instructions everything will appear! Consider elegant and top of the range places that have room for wedding occasions like the Hyatt Regency Newport, Castle hill inn, and the Atlantic beach club are great examples of expensive but great places to have a fabulous wedding.

The great thing about having a Rhode Island wedding at any of these venues is that despite the cost, everything is professional thus nothing can go wrong and compromise is not an option. The castle hill has been known especially for its great finger licking food, and graceful service, which is important to a great wedding. It has been described as ‘a little piece of heaven on earth’.

However if you are planning on an extravagant wedding Rhode Island encompasses all that because of its beautiful climatic conditions that allow outdoor weddings. Cutting costs is actually one of the best ways to start up a marriage. Just invite people who both of you really want to attend and do it in a city park, or at a friend’s backyard. Here are some tips on how to save on your wedding day.

a) Instead of hiring caterers, have your female counterparts help you prepare sumptuous meals.

b) Handpick the flowers yourself, the whole park does not need to be littered with roses, just handpick your boo key. For the sitting, have two columns of chairs and separate them via soap flakes and rice down through out the aisle, to create an illusion of depth.

c) Incase you have children; let them perform a song for you. This is worth so much more than that ice sculpture!!

Remember always that one of the reasons you are having a Rhode Island wedding is to make your existing love known to the world. Do not let hindrances of money or overwhelm you. What matters is the love you have for one another.


Published: 07/15/2010 by Rhode Island Wedding


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