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Picking a wedding gift is not easy and you should therefore learn the art of wedding gift giving. The gift you give says a lot about what you think about the couple and it is easy for your intentions to be misinterpreted.

Many people have a problem determining the amount of money to spend on a wedding gift. Although it is important that the newlyweds to not think you are cheap, you should not go broke over the gift. It is possible to get a cheaper wedding gift that will be appreciated more than a more expensive gift.

Use your knowledge of the couple to your advantage when picking a wedding gift. If you do not know the couple too well, do research by asking their friends or through other means. You should research on information such as their income and the activities they do individually and as a couple. This information will help you pick an appropriate gift.

Try to research on what the couple owns to avoid giving something they already have. You can visit their house if they are living together and look for hints, discretely of course. If this is not possible, ask their close friends for hints.

Most people appreciate personalized gifts more than those bought from a shop. You should therefore give a gift that reflects your relationship with the couple. A personalized gift is less likely to be thrown away in the future. A memento is also as effective as a personalized gift.

There is a lot of information on the etiquette of wedding gift giving online. This information is important because you will know what you can give and what you cannot give.

According to the etiquette, if you are invited to the bridal shower and the wedding, you are expected to give gifts in both events. The etiquette also says that you are not required to give a gift if you are not attending the wedding and you only give one gift if you are attending as a couple or as a family.  

If you have no idea of a wedding gift, read magazines or go online for suggestions. There are several magazines that give such suggestions and there are websites dedicated to giving wedding gifts suggestions and offering these gifts, or links to websites where you can get them.

There are companies that specialize in wedding gifts. You should visit their premises to view a selection of wedding gifts or you can view the wedding gifts online. Such companies can make personalized wedding gifts. Take advantage of this writing a congratulatory note and indicating your name.

An important trick in wedding gift giving is to come together as guests to the wedding and discuss the gifts. This way, there is no risk of duplication. You can also combine forces, especially with your friends, to give a gift that would not have been affordable to any of the individuals.

Doing research on wedding gift giving is important because some gifts are traditionally given by particular groups of people, such as parents, grandparents, friends, and siblings.

Published: 08/11/2010 by Wedding Gifts


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