Getting Married In Arkansas, Get Your Wedding Dream Cake


A wedding cake is one of the most important requirements for an Arkansas wedding and most of the time will reflect what you love and who you are.  If your are in Arkansas from Little Rock, Springdale, Fort Smith, Conway or Fayetteville there are good bakers who will work with you to create your wedding dream cake.

The following should guide you before deciding on who will bake your dream wedding cake:
•    Flavors and cake style:  Which flavors do you want for your cake; vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, Italian cream, orange cream to name a few and the baker should be able to plan for you to sample before deciding on the cake you want.  If there is a particular style you want and matching colors, you can bring an example photo from a magazine, website or from a previous wedding.

•    Budget:  What is your budget for the cake and how many guests you wish to serve, the baker will be able to advise you if your cake will be enough for the guests you are expecting.

•    When to order and deposits:  You need to order a cake as early as possible as most bakers work on the principal of first-come, first-serve and check the mode of payment with your baker of choice some will ask for the full payment at least two weeks before your Arkansas wedding day, while some will ask you to put a deposit of a certain amount which will act as a down payment and the balance will be paid upon delivery.

•    Delivery:  Will the bakery deliver the cake to your wedding venue or do you need to organize for your own transport to bring the cake to the venue.  Most bakeries will charge a nominal fee for delivery if you are outside their area of operations.  It is advisable to let the bakery deliver the cake to the ceremony as they are specialized in handling cakes which are delicate.

•    Knives and forks for cake cutting:  Do you have your own special knives, forks and toasting glasses that you would like to use for the cake cutting ceremony or would you wish for the baker to provide these?  Some bakers may charge extra for these while some may have the charges included in the price of the cake; it is important to confirm before your wedding day.  You can have your initials engraved on your wedding knife, and silver or crystal toasting glasses can be a keepsake of your big day.  The knife, forks and toasting glasses can be decorated with ribbons or flowers.
•    What is the name and telephone number of contact person?

•    How many years have they been making wedding cakes?

•    Are there are any charges for the cake pillar and plate?
•    Is the fee refundable upon returning these items?

•    What is their policy on cake set-up?

•    How is the cancellation policy?

Should you be planning your Arkansas wedding ceremony in any of the cities, there are many great bakeries that will bake the cake of your dream and to your specifications.

Published: 06/28/2010 by Arkansas Wedding


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