Flowers for your Wedding in Delaware


Your Delaware wedding should be very comforting as your flowers will be custom designed to suit your individual style and atmosphere of the ceremony and reception location.  Be creative by collecting pictures of flowers, settings, color combinations and bouquet styles to make it easier for your florist to know what you want your flowers to look like.

Start your search at least 6 months before your wedding and book your florist at least 4 months before the wedding day to give him enough time to order for flowers which might not be available locally.  You should establish the ceremony and reception sites and the bridesmaids’ dresses before hiring a florist because you need to pick colors that do not clash with the colors of your venue and know how many arrangements will be needed.

When visiting a florist for an appointment it is important you carry a picture of your Delaware wedding gown and reception room, pictures of flowers and arrangement you like, quotes from other florists, containers for arrangements if you are supplying them and a list of flowers and arrangements you need and who they are for.  It is important to speak to the florist who will do your flower arrangements on your wedding day.

Make a visit to at least 3 different florists in Delaware, look at the pictures of their previous work and around their shop and ask yourself the following questions:
•    Are the flowers looking fresh or are the petal edges brown?
•    In the shop’s display, do you like the arrangements?
•    Are the pictures following current trends or are they outdated?
•    Is the designer willing to listen to your ideas?
•    Are you comfortable with the florist?
•    Is the florist paying attention to you when talking to them or are they busy doing other things?

Please note that if your wedding coincides with a flower giving day like Valentines or Mother’s Day then you will pay more for your flowers and the florist will be very busy at this time therefore will not be able to give you attention.

Before signing the contract with your florist, it is important for you to keep the following in mind:
1.    Are they familiar with the different delivery locations
2.    Will they charge a delivery and set up fee
3.    Do they have any opinions or ideas after hearing your ideas, it is important to listen to their ideas as you might like theirs better
4.    Check whether the arrangements on the photos you are viewing were done by the same florist who will do your arrangements
5.    Is it possible to change your order and when is the cut off date in case you have a new idea
6.    Ask if transport is included in the price given
7.    Ask if there are any hidden or additional costs
8.    It is important to know if the florist is familiar with your ceremony and reception venues
9.    Call the florist a month before the wedding and ask if they are able to get the color and type of flower you wanted

Whether it is tulips, roses, daisies or orchids that you want for your Delaware wedding; there are florists in Delaware with the expertise to make your floral arrangement pieces that you will always remember.

Published: 06/28/2010 by Delaware Wedding


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