Five Tips for Getting the Best Wedding Photos


Many couples think about everything on their wedding day except for the memories they’ll take away from it. In years to come, though, your wedding photos will be some of the most important pieces of memory that you have. Ensure that you get the best possible pictures by following these five tips.

1. Find the right photographer for you. There are good photographers everywhere, but they all have different styles. Make sure you know and like the style of your photographer before signing a contract so that your wedding pictures are uniquely your own.

2. Talk to the photographer about the flow of the day. You should always have a schedule for your wedding day, and you should let your photographer be in on it. You may choose to do some or all your photos before the wedding. Either way, you need to make sure that your photographer knows what to expect and where to be when. That way, she won’t miss any of the truly important moments.

3. Make a list of photos you want. This is vital, but many brides fail to do this. Think through all the different shots you’d like to see your photographer take, and make a list. If you’re contracted to be able to choose 300 pictures, you may only write down 100 shots you want for sure. The rest can be up to the discretion of your photographer.

4. Have someone there to organize. On your wedding day, you want to have fun and be relaxed, not to worry about getting everyone together for photos. Many photographers will have an assistant with them, but you can’t wholly rely on this person because they don’t know who your mom, your maid of honor, or your grandma are. Have someone who is familiar with your family and bridal party around to help corral different people for the photos they’re supposed to be in.

5. Choose carefully after the wedding. With most photographers, especially digital wedding photography packages, you get to choose a certain number of proofs to keep after your wedding. Don’t rush through this, but really pay attention. If you skim the photos, you may miss out on some really good shots or end up with a few that are less than stellar. The photos you keep will be yours forever, so make sure that you really love them.

Published: 08/21/2010 by Wedding Photographers


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