Destination Weddings; The New Craze


The wedding day is the day that most couples want to remember and treasure for the rest of their lives. Having a destination wedding is a great way to achieve this. This phenomenon is fairly new and many factors come into play when deciding whether a couple should have a destination wedding or not. The most important of these is of course the costs that are involved.


A destination wedding can also double up as your honeymoon and as a vacation for all your guests. Well, if for nothing else, your guests will certainly enjoy the time away in a relaxed set-up.


So should you decide to settle for a destination wedding, it is probably a good idea to go all out; employ the theme, to the invitations to the wedding dress as well as the food that you serve at your reception.


  • Should you decide to do a beach wedding; a great idea would be to create your invitations by putting the invitation in the form of a message in a bottle. Roll up your invitations, tie a tiny rope around it so that it is easy to pull out of the bottle and then place it in a bottle that has some sand and shells in it.

  • Should you decide to have a winter destination wedding, good ideas for an invitation would be send out to your guests customized snow globes that have a picture of you and the details of the wedding as the invitation

  • If you’re planning to have your wedding in a country club or a golf course, one way to go is to send out as invitations customized golf balls that are engraved with all the details of the wedding.

  • Another good idea is to send your guests a postcard for the town where you are planning to hold your destination wedding or to send them mementos from that city that will give them a hint of what is to come.


Dressing For Your Destination Wedding


The wedding gown is one of the key elements to any wedding. So how does a wedding dress for a destination wedding differ from that of a traditional wedding? We shall now explore some of the key points to keep in mind.


  • If you plan to have a garden wedding, then you might want to consider whether you will walk down a grassy aisle. Here, you may want to pay special attention to the length if your dress and it be a good idea to opt for a dress that won’t skim the ground. This is to ensure that your dress does not get grass stains along the hemline or down the runner. It is probably also a good idea to avoid high heels as they will sink into the grass.

  • For a beach wedding, it would probably be best to settle for softer fabrics for your wedding gown. Good examples are silk, chiffon and charmeuse. The fabric that you settle on should be breathable and natural.

  • For a winter wedding, ensure that you have a proper cover-up as you do not want to be nursing flu during your honeymoon; a fashionable throw on or a cashmere shrug should do just fine.

Published: 07/13/2010 by Wedding Directory


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