Choosing Your Wedding Menu


Choosing your wedding menu can be a daunting task. Ideally, the food that you serve at your wedding reception should be appealing to as many guests as possible, but due to the pickiness of some eaters and the dietary constraints of others, selecting a wedding menu that everyone will be happy with is next to impossible.

If you keep the following things in mind, you should be able to select a wedding menu that pleases nearly everyone involved and sometimes that’s as good as it gets!


Your Wedding Menu Budget
When working with your wedding caterer to select the menu for your reception, don’t let your wedding menu budget fall to the wayside. Remember that catering companies are businesses, and businesses exist to make money. If the wedding caterer suggests appetizers, meals or desserts that will make the cost per person more than you’re willing to spend, you might find yourself caving in and going over your budget. Stick to your guns, and only spend what you can realistically afford to spend.

Dietary Needs of Your Wedding Guests
You may have the attitude that food is just food, but unfortunately it’s not quite that simple. Some of your wedding guests may have food allergies or medical conditions such as diabetes that limit their food choices. Other people may be vegetarians, and some guests are just downright fussy as to what they will and will not eat. If there will be children present at your reception, you may need to offer a special plate for kids.

While it’s important to consider the dietary needs of your wedding guests, it can be extremely difficult to make everyone happy. Guests with special dietary needs are most likely used to dealing with food issues. As long as your wedding menu offers some variety such as a choice of beef, chicken or pasta, you should feel confident that you made attempts to take the special dietary needs of your wedding guests into consideration.

Formality of your Wedding Reception
Your wedding menu will probably depend on the location of your reception—some reception venues, such as hotels, provide their own catering company, and wedding guests at an elegant reception will most likely expect a classy meal.

The formality of your wedding will also play a role in selecting a reception menu. If the wedding party and your guests are dressed in black-tie, a pizza dinner would be inappropriate. Although a buffet line can include gourmet food, a served dinner brought out in courses may appear more elegant to your wedding guests. However, if the wedding is going to be a casual affair there’s nothing wrong with a menu consisting of barbeque or simple comfort foods.

Published: 08/21/2010 by Wedding Catering


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