Choosing A Wonderful Louisiana Wedding Cake


As the centerpiece of your reception, there is hardly any word that can be used to describe the marvelous designs used in creating a Louisiana wedding cake for your extraordinary joyful day. Louisiana wedding cakes come in great multiplicity of colors, flavors and sizes from local cake professionals, bakeries and pasty chefs.

Wedding cakes are very important when it comes to planning the overall theme and feel of your wedding. It may just be the most momentous confection you ever buy, so it's key to know what you're getting into and where you are getting it from.
The Trend…
1.    Fresh and Flirty: Fresh unfussy, simple blooms are replacing the more frivolous flowers with simple additions such as Swiss dots, single rose petals, curving scrollwork, and family monograms. Most stylish flower confectionaries include orchids, Daisies, calla lilies, tulips, and gardenias.

2.    Stacked and strappy: Most couples go for wedding cakes with layers placed directly on top of one another and sometimes hidden pillars behind fresh flowers are used if the cake is too heavy. Fresh berries, sugared fruits, and thick bands of sugar paste flowers are also appearing between the layers, which creates a flourishing and voluptuous appearance.

3.    Clean and Classic: Outlandishly frosted confections are a thing of the past. These days, many couples are opting for clean, classic designs, many of which mimic bridal gown fabrics or detailing. Understated yet whimsical designs, such as cakes covered in blush-colored frosting and punctuated with tiny silver-dusted polka dots or pale blue-fondant frosted cakes studded with chocolate-brown sugar flowers, are all the rage.

4.    Subdued Hues: Today’s wedding cakes incorporates colors that reflect the bridesmaids' dresses rather than the bride's gown with hues of light blush, ice blue, pale pistachio, rum pink, and lavender splash gaining popularity among many. Other designs have integrated two tones of the same color to give a lavish look to your cake.
5.    Well-rounded Cakes:  Though round tiers are still the favorite for today's couples, square, octagon, and hexagon wedding cakes are gaining popularity especially for more modern and laid-back weddings. For a multidimensional appeal, pair differently-shaped cakes together, such as round tiers on square tiers.

Other Choices...
Rich chocolate-covered Louisiana Wedding cakes are other gorgeous choices you can choose from, alongside Pistachio-enhanced cakes, which can be a rich or slightly sage-green hue, tremendous fruit flavored cakes of: wild cherries, orange mousses, pineapple, exotic Marion berries, mango, and passion fruit. Last but not least option can be pairing of cake courses with other sweets -- classics such as tiramisu and apple pie to give your wedding the needed dessert touch.
Serve Your Appetite!
Whether you are contemplating marriage, just recently engaged, or have already started your planning, we hope you find Louisiana Wedding cake Ideas helpful in making those all-important decisions about your special day.  Click on the various Louisiana wedding cake vendors to find out where you can pick up the best wedding cake that keeps your guest talking several days after your wedding!

Published: 06/29/2010 by Louisiana Wedding


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