Choosing A Wedding Venue


You are finally getting married, you have pictured your dream day but you need a location to put these perfect ideas together, a dream wedding venue. Most couple’s get excited by the scenic beauty of the venue and commit themselves to the package without critically considering the more important issues even though we understand excitement levels are pretty high by this time.

The first thing you probably need to do is come up with a check list. This will allow you to narrow down on the venues by eliminating wedding venues that are already booked or venues that might not fit into your budget requirements. The other thing you need to decide is whether you want an all-in-one venue or if you prefer to hold the reception and photo shoot at different venues. While these are important factors to take into consideration, the factors below also have to be taken into account when deciding on a wedding venue.

Guest list; the venue should be big enough to accommodate all the invited guests and leave room for a few other guests who might be turn up without an invitation. You should ensure that enough chairs and tables are available to cater for everyone present. If you’ll be having a stand-up buffet, ensure that the rows in between the serving tables are wide enough so that guests are able to move unhindered.

Theme colors; your theme colors should be well matched by the décor of the venue. Will the venue need you to spend so much on decorations or is it just adding some few flavors on what s available. This could save you a lot of money and effort.

The contract; be sure to read the contract carefully and understand its terms and conditions. As you do this, pay special attention to the cancellation clause, the hidden or extra costs, the terms of payment and if there is a penalty for exceeding the time limit. It is advisable to seek advice from someone knowledgeable in matters legal.

Restrictions; some venues like museums might have rules restricting the use of decorations or check noise levels. Be sure to check on these rules to avoid embarrassment. If you want to carry your own food and drinks, is it allowed? Is liquor licensed in this venue and are there limitations to the number of guests or hours of stay? Can you light candles or fireworks? These may seem like small details but they could end up being a very big deal.

Accessibility; consider how accessible the venue is from where you guests are staying and if you’re having different locations for the ceremony and reception, ensure they are at convenient locations for movement. If you’ll be staying late, make sure it is safe for all of you.

Parking; the parking should be big enough for your guest list. You might also prefer a valet parking so make sure to ask for it and confirm that it will be provided. If you have disabled / handicapped guests make sure they will be taken care of.

Weather and lighting; to be on the safe side, have a venue that has a back-up plan incase it rains or it gets too windy. Good natural lighting will be the best thing that happened to your photography that day. If you intend to stay late in the evening, make sure the place is well lit too and safe.

Published: 08/12/2010 by Wedding Locations


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