Choosing a Caterer for your wedding in Colorado


The following are guidelines to help you be able to choose a good caterer:
1.    Ask for the variety of food items a caterer has keeping in mind the type of food service your partner and you want.  Do you want to go for a buffet style where your guests pick what they want and might even go for seconds or a la carte (sit-down dinner) with several courses served by a waiter?  Check with your caterer if they will work with you within your designated budget by offering suggestions to what you can serve or how you can minimize costs.

2.    How many guests are you expecting at your wedding?  Many catering companies will charge you a cost per head, and ask if the cost per head includes waiting staff, glassware, silverware, tents, centerpieces and other extras.  Confirm the number of waiting staff and their dress code.

3.    The caterer of your Colorado wedding should organize for tastings of some of the different food items they offer to enable you make an informed decision before you sign a contract.

4.    Check if your venue site is offering tables, chairs and linen and if not speak to your caterer to see if they offer these as a package with the food or there is a separate charge.

5.    Ask your caterer if the price they are charging is all-inclusive meaning they provide not only the meal, but the glassware, linens, silverware and decoration for the food table.  Some catering companies will charge every single thing and it is crucial that you ask for the total price and any hidden charges like travel fees, cleanup fees and setup fees.

6.    How far in advance do you need to book the caterer and when you should give a final number of guests expected at your Colorado wedding; this will also help you set a date for your invited guests to confirm whether they are attending your wedding.

7.    Check if your catering company needs a down payment and what percentage is it and when the balance should be paid by?  

8.    Is the caterer able to handle specific special requirements like a signature family dish, or something special for children or vegetarians at your wedding?

9.    It is important to review the venue with your caterer to enable him survey the space carefully and know where the food will be positioned and the beverage tables to ensure proper traffic flow.  It is also crucial in arranging dining and serving tables and to check what kitchen facilities are available.  

As you look for a caterer for your Colorado wedding, ensure that you have all the agreed-upon details written into a contract to avoid disappointments as this is a day for you to relax and let your caterers do the work of entertaining your guests.

Published: 06/28/2010 by Colorado Wedding


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