Changing Your Name After the Wedding


The Process of Changing Your Name After the Wedding

Do not feel too worried about changing your name after the wedding because it is not as tough as some believe it to be. Yes, there are a number of ways life changes after a wedding and, for the bride, taking on the last name of the groom is among the biggest change. Of course, this is more than a mere social custom. It is also a legal process that involves changing the name with all local authorities. When there are problems with a mismatches last name, you can run into a lot of hassles with tax agencies, the department of motor vehicles, insurance companies, and even the post office. In short, you cannot delay the steps associated with changing your name. Thankfully, the process involved with changing your name is easy to take part in.

How does the process work? Let’s take a look….

When you legally change your name with state and federal agencies, you will need to provide proof of the name change. This comes in the form of certified marriage certificates. As such, you will need to take the steps to order several copies of your certified marriage certificate. The key word here is that you must procure certified copies since copies that have not been officially certified are not valid proof. That means the forms required for changing your name after the wedding will be rejected if an uncertified marriage certificate is presented.

The next step to take should be to contact the Social Security Administration in your area and request the required forms for a name change. The reason this step is vital is your social security number remains the numerical identification that specifies who you are in the eyes of all government agencies.

Immediately thereafter, you will need to contact you local Department of Motor Vehicles and request the forms required for changing your name your driver’s license or your state identification. Often, this form can be downloaded online. Check with the homepage of your state’s DMV. If the forms are present on the site, download them immediately, fill them out, and send them off in the mail.

The same process will need to be completed with your passport if you currently hold one. This, again, will require filling out the passport amendment form. It will need to be mailed to the State Department along with all requisite supporting information.

Other government agencies that will need to be notified should be the post office and the local voting registry. Since there are no picture identifications associated with these agencies, sending copies of a new photo ID along with a letter notifying them that you have changed your name should suffice.

At this point, after changing your name after the wedding, you will need to provide proper notification to the private entities you deal with. These include credit card companies, banks, insurance agencies, utility companies, etc. Usually, sending a signed letter informing them of the name change plus a photocopy of your new photo ID is sufficient.

Does this seem like there is a lot of work associated with changing your name after the wedding? It may look that way but it really is not. Filling out the various forms takes only a few minutes. So, why delay?

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