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Weddings are expensive, so if you are on a tight budget, you should go for budget wedding photography. You should only go for this option if you cannot get the money from another area of the wedding budget because professional photographers are very important in a wedding. A wedding only happens once and the photos need to be perfect. Note that budget wedding photography does not necessarily mean bad photos, it means spending the money you have set aside for photography wisely.

Start by getting quotations from as many armature photographers as possible. Getting quotations from different sources increases your chances of getting a good armature photographer at a low price. The internet is the best place to get quotations because there are hundreds of photographers to choose from. The internet has cost benefits because you do not spend on transport and it is convenient since you can get the photographer anytime, from anywhere.

Get recommendations from a friend, a family member, a colleague, or a neighbour who has recently done a wedding. This way, you will be sure you are getting a credible and reliable photographer. Look at the photographs to determine whether they meet your standards. If you are getting the photographer online, look at customer testimonials and look at the photos that he/she has posted online.

Always check with the relevant professional body. Such bodies have codes of professional conduct that bind all their members. This is particularly important if you are getting the photographer online because there is a risk of scams such as identity theft.

You can reduce your spending on photographs by asking the photographer for the negatives. This means you will only be charged for the first print and you can get the other prints printed later at a lower price. If the prints are for relatives or friends, you can give them the negatives. You can also reduce costs by buying your own photo album. Photographers usually put photos in albums, but it will be cheaper if you do it yourself.

For budget wedding photography, ask for the relevant photos only from the photographer. You should detail the photos he/she is to take because the less the photos, the less you will pay. You can also instruct the photographer on the time he/she should take photographs to avoid having to pay him/her for the whole day.

A popular option of budget wedding photography is buying disposable cameras and putting them on each table. Ask the guests to take pictures and to return the cameras after the wedding is over. This usually results in unique photographs that are very entertaining.

If you just do not have the money, ask your friends to take the photographs. Many people have digital cameras today and it does not take much skill to operate one. Involving a friend also gives you a backup record and a different point of view. There are many editing software that can be used to correct any mistakes. With a digital camera, you do not have to pay for film rolls and developer chemicals.

Published: 08/04/2010 by Wedding Photography


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