Breath Taking Montana Wedding Venues


When looking for a venue for Montana Wedding, you may not find a place to compare to the beauty of the mountainous environment in Montana. Popularly known as the big sky country, Montana has wide expanses of valleys almost one mile above sea level that provides incredible panoramas as they bond with the breath taking beauty of the mountains. Regardless of the size and scope of your wedding, these landscapes will provide you with a perfect backdrop.

Montana may be wild, but it is not uncivilized. There, you will find several professional services that will help you to have an elaborate or a tastefully simple wedding. When you want to have a weeding in Montana, you will have a wide range of choices of venues that will offer you the beauty of the Montana state. You may choose to have your wedding on a mountain top, in a mountain valley, at a lakeside or even at the riverside. If you may require thin air at your wedding, you may want to go to mountain top lodges. All these are available for you in Montana.

Furthermore, on your Montana Wedding day you can have several outdoor activities such as camping, back country hiking and river rafting. You may also go for world class trout fishing, skiing and mountain biking, floating down the yellow stone, and swimming in brisk clean waters. If you want to experience the wild on your wedding day, Montana provides the Yellow stone national park in the south and the Glazier national park in the north.

Below is a list of some of the wedding venues in Montana that provide the above described elegance, luxury and which give you an opportunity to enjoy your wedding day to its maximum.

The Deep Creek Range
This wedding venue located at the foot of the Absaroka Bear tooth mountains is newly constructed but with an intentional rusty flavor. It provides panoramic views for your wedding with its large walls and windows. It is a perfect gathering place that offers complete catering facilities including a kitchen.

The Moonlight Lodge
This magnificent wedding venue at the base of the Powder Ski River blends the western charm of the Montana country with unparalleled mountain views. It is appropriate for large wedding events because of its spacious setting.

The Bar W Ranch
This facility located at the base of Spencer Mountains has spacious lodge cabin suites and provides an arena for both indoor and outdoor horseback riding. It could be the ideal paradise for your wedding because of its location at a lakeside and the large entertainment area it has to offer.

The Holland Lake Lodge
The Holland lake lodge provides plush accommodation facilities on your Montana Wedding day and even through your honey moon. Being one of Montana’s premier wedding venues, it offers stunning mountain views, an entertainment area and a jumping point if you would like some adventure on your wedding day.

The Gallatin Gateway Inn
This wedding venue is located in the heart of the Yellowstone country. Being the premier wedding location in the Gallatin valley, the Gallatin Gateway Inn offers a professionally romantic setting for your wedding with excellent cuisine.

There are many other wedding venues in Montana including the Good Medicine lodge, The Springhill Pavilion, The Baxter hotel and the Lazy B Farm.

Published: 06/29/2010 by Montana Wedding


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