Best Tips When Registering for Wedding Gifts


Registering for wedding gifts is an activity that couples need not fret over. With these few pointers, your gift registry should be ready about 7 to 9 months before your wedding day. A word of advice is that it is not advisable to include your registry list together with the invitations. Post the list on your wedding website, and include the URL in your wedding invitations instead.


It Always Begins With A Wish List
You should take the time as a couple to imagine all the things you would want in your new home. List them down as you let your thoughts flow, then go through the list again. Remove items you will not need in a year or less, or items that you can buy for yourself. Keep your list affordable for your guests.

Have Plenty Of Variety In Your Wedding Gift List
When registering for wedding gifts, having a wide range of items not only gives you better gifts, but it helps your guests to have better choices of this to buy for you. Mix up the different types of gifts, such as the traditional gifts of cutlery and linens, or more contemporary contributions to a trip, donations to charity and so on.


Look Through Different Stores That Contain The Gifts You Want
The next step is to go window shopping to find the store with the ideal gifts you want. You can register in multiple stores for greater variety, and also if you and your partner do not agree on some items when registering for wedding gifts. Keep it to 2 or 3 stores to make registration manageable.


Select The Stores That Are Most Accessible To Your Wedding Guests
Since your guests may be traveling from other regions of the country apart from yours, the best stores to register wedding gifts are those with countrywide branches. If there is something you need that is available in your local store, find an alternative that your guests can reach.


Be As Specific As Possible About The Gifts You Want
When you are at your selected store, note the details of the gifts you want especially so that your guests will be clear about the items to purchase. Give specific details such as color, brand, make and size of the gifts when registering at the store.


Get A List Of All Your Items From Your Registry
After you finish registering for wedding gifts, get the whole list from the store to countercheck with your own desired items. If there is anything unnecessary on the list, or something you have forgotten to add, you can have the changes made at that moment. When your registry list is satisfactory, keep it for reference.


Keep Your Wedding Gift Registry Active For A Year
After registering for wedding gifts and having your wedding celebrations, you will find that some of the gifts you wanted have not been given to you yet. In this case, keep your registry open for a while longer, preferably about a year after your wedding ceremony. This is very appropriate for your guests who may need more time to get the gift for you.


These tips should help you to plan your wedding successfully and give you an easier time registering for wedding gifts.

Published: 07/29/2010 by Wedding Gifts


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