Basics of a Wedding Invitation


Your wedding invitation should set the tone for your entire wedding. It should reflect the theme, colors as well as the level of formality for your wedding. There are certain basics of a wedding invitation that every couple should include in their invitation. Everything about the invitation is significant; from the paper that is used, the font of the text and the text itself, and most importantly the wording of the invitation. It is the first peek into what the guests should expect for your wedding.


Before settling for and ordering your wedding invitations, there are certain things that you should keep in mind. First of all is to decide the venue as well as the date of your wedding. You also have to decide the type of wedding you plan on having i.e. whether you are going to have an indoor or an outdoor wedding, the theme, colors and other factors.


If the wedding that you have in mind is more formal and traditional, then the invitations should be printed on heavyweight paper that is either white, or cream in color. The letter style should also be classic and the text color should always be black. An informal wedding would give you more room to be flexible and to incorporate your personal style and preferences.


You should make sure that all the necessary details can be found in the wedding invitation. From the wording, your guests should be able to tell who is hosting and who will be paying for your wedding. For a church wedding, the correct wording is “request the honor of your presence” while in the case of a non-church ceremony one can use “request the pleasure of your company”.


How the envelopes are addressed is one of the basics of a wedding invitation. For a formal wedding, the names of the invitees are written in full and all appropriate titles are included. All the words that are used are also spelled out in full. This rule is more flexible for a less formal wedding ceremony.


The inside of the envelope should be clear as to who is actually invited to the wedding. If an entire family is invited including the children, then all their names should be printed on the envelope in order from the oldest to the youngest. Children that are of age i.e. over 18 years old should receive separate invitations. If you expect your invitees to come with a guest, then you should indicate that as well.


The invitations should be hand written and if you feel that your handwriting is not ideal, then you can contract the services of a calligrapher. Most people feel that it is in bad taste to hand-deliver invitations and it is therefore better to mail them to your guests.


Take time when shopping around for your wedding invitations and settle for the design and wording that best suits your wedding theme and color scheme. With all these basics of a wedding invitation at hand, the process should be as easy as possible.


Published: 07/13/2010 by Wedding Directory


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