A Wedding Shower Checklist


Making a Wedding Shower Checklist

What makes a wedding shower checklist so helpful? It has been said nothing allows a wedding to run more smoothly than proper pre-planning. By devising a proper checklist that covers all the necessities associated with devising a wedding shower, the event will occur smoothly and problem free. This will aid it in becoming a memorable event for all those involved.

The first step on the checklist should be to delineate which person or persons will organize of the event. By ascertaining who will be in charge of the planning, it is possible to prevent the event from succumbing to disorganization.

Writing down budgetary concerns should be the next step. How much of a budget you have to work with should always be a major component to planning any aspect of a wedding. The bridal shower will certainly not be excluded from this.

The selection of the proper venue should immediately follow. In order to have a wedding shower, you need to decide where to hold it. Most people will pick a catering hall but there is no real limitation to where a wedding shower can be held.

Setting a specific date for the shower should immediately follow the decision where to hold it. This will aid the planning of the event exponentially.

Do you have a theme intended for the wedding shower? Most showers do and devising a theme for yours is most definitely advised. There are many different themes that can be employed. So, you should not feel constricted at all in the selection process.

And, of course, a wedding shower checklist will need to include the compilation of a guest list. It would hardly be all that great of a shower if no one attended it! In all seriousness, it is wise to invest a lot of time and energy planning out the guest list. This is because you do not want to make the error of leaving anyone off the invitation list.

Sending out the invitations should be the next step. The invitations should also include RSVP information. Some will send snail mail invites while others will send email e-invites. It may be best to send both so as to ensure delivery to the intended recipient. Try to send the invite out long enough in advance that the guests can accommodate the shower into their schedule.

Selecting the menu items should be featured prominently on a wedding shower checklist. That is, it needs to be a priority because a great deal of advanced planning will be required to ensure you are making the proper dining selections.

Showers will look bland without favors and decorations. As such, these items need to be added to the checklist.

Wedding showers are intended to be fun events. That is why shower games play such a large role in the festivities. What games do you intend to play? Whatever they are, add them to the wedding shower’s checklist.

Without music, a wedding shower can prove to be a dull affair. That is why it is wise to add “music selection” to the checklist. And, of course, how the music is to be played should be added to the mix. Common means would be DJ, live music, etc.

You will need to compile the various personnel that will be required to handle various duties at the wedding shower. This includes greeters to meet people as they arrive and are departing, someone to keep track of the gifts presented and who the gifts are from, a photographer to take pictures of the event, and various helpers that will ensure the event comes off smoothly.

And, lastly, it does not hurt to add ‘Thank You’ cards to a wedding shower checklist. They make a nice touch and should be sent out to all those that have attended and brought gifts.

Published: 04/30/2010 by WeddingDirectory.com


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