A Sunset Wedding in Hawaii


If you are planning to have a Hawaii wedding, you may want to consider having a sunset wedding.  If you don’t live in Hawaii, it is important to hire a professional wedding coordinator who will be able to give you a tour of some of the islands and who is familiar with the weather patterns in Hawaii.  Your wedding coordinator should be able to bring on board the best service providers for your wedding.

The skies in Hawaii are pollution free and the view of the sun setting physically is a perfect opportunity to get the most artistic photographs of the couple.  The sunset is a picture of splendor, beauty and serenity, and naturally gives a beautiful stunning scene for the wedding and decorations are not needed. Make sure to do your research to ascertain when sunset is likely to occur in the area of your wedding site.

Your sunset wedding in Hawaii might prove to be cheap compared to your traditional wedding; there are all-inclusive destination packages with everything including the plane ticket to your wedding reception and honeymoon.  With the gentle waters of the sea and the wonderful colors of the clouds serenading the deep blue sea will create wonderful scenery for your sunset wedding, and nothing can match the richness of the colors in the sky formed by the sun setting.

The following are tips to enable you plan the perfect sunset wedding:

•    What is your budget for your sunset Hawaii wedding, how many guests are you expecting, and will you provide accommodation for your guests.  You can have your wedding off season, many people visit Hawaii between December and April and most hotels, restaurants and airlines will increase their prices during these months and the islands are also filled to capacity.

•    Decide on the island you want to have your sunset wedding, there are a number of breathtaking islands like Kauai, Maui and Oahu.

•    Before planning your wedding you need to obtain a wedding license, which is very simple to get and ensure you have all the legal information you need before the big day.

•    To ensure that your wedding compliments with the Hawaiian culture and traditions opt for a proper Hawaiian wedding dress like a white holoku or flowers in your wedding dress or hair.  The groom can wear white pants and a white shirt and complement with a colorful sash.

•    You can help keep your guests cool at the wedding by including a bottle of water in the program or place them on the chairs for the guests as handing to each individual guest might take long
•    You should inform your guests of your decision to have a sunset wedding, check the location and accommodation for your guests.

•    You can combine your wedding ceremony, reception and honeymoon at the same location as Hawaii has one of the best honeymoon locations on earth.

Having your Hawaii wedding is easy, there are very many choices to make for a fun wedding and you can be assured of the highest levels of professions in the wedding field.  Hawaiian weddings are recognized worldwide so you do not need to be a citizen of Hawaii or the United States.

Published: 06/28/2010 by Hawaii Wedding


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