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You guys have already set up the date for your South Carolina Wedding, and you can’t help it as you are beside yourself with joy. Hopefully you have given yourselves enough time for all the preparations to take place. After toiling for a venue all month, you finally come to the conclusion that the wedding in more ways than one is going to be mostly what you decide on. Especially for the main color theme, type of flowers needed and the color of the maid’s dresses is mainly the brides’ task. So if you the pretty lady has always had a dream venue for your wedding why not incorporate this too into the plans? Besides the man of your dreams should love enough to abide by whatever venue you choose.

Kiawah island golf resort in South Carolina is a gem lying just next to the sea and it is perfect to capture that special moment on cam. Reasons to say ‘I do’ on the beach are endless, below are some of them.

a) Due to the fact that it is a resort, it means that your guests can be accommodated for and all you have to do is relax and have a fabulous time as you inhale the sensational oceanic air.

b) It is cheap and affordable to many. Plus with the resort in site, the stress of worrying about caterers is not felt, as the restaurant does all that for you under one fee.

c) Honeymoon, and love spots. Not only can you have the honeymoon in the same exact venue, but as well this could give your guests a chance to rekindle old flames, or maybe just fire up new ones. As the air spells out romance.

Remember that your South Carolina Wedding is going to take place at the beach so don’t go overboard in terms of accessories and your wedding gown. It is most likely going to be extremely hot, and you are better off with a dress that is not layered. Have something that will let your skin breath, wear silk, of a simple design but still sleek. Or even cotton if you prefer. Have your maids in bright outfits like fuchsia to contrast the whiteness of the beach in the photos.

Most importantly, don’t forget to get a great photographer. The wedding only takes place once. All the beautiful memories need to be captured in frame then. Make sure you have sampled on some of the work that he or she has done that relate to the venue that you are going to have. Some beach weddings have found to be extremely sensual if you instruct the photographer to capture some up-close moments of just the two of you in ‘sepia’.

Remember, this is your big day. Avoid getting stressed for anything just plans carefully with the South Carolina Wedding planer so as not to have any oversights. Like the resort bookings and payments. Clearly send out invitations to those you would like, and only make bookings for those who RSVP.

Published: 07/15/2010 by South Carolina Wedding


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