A Fabulous Alabama Wedding


It is your Alabama wedding day and you cannot afford to have anything go wrong, everything should be perfect. From the music playing, to the red carpet beautifully spread out just for you, to the maids the flowers, the décor and most importantly the photos!! Make sure that before the actual day, you at least double check with your events planner. Here are some of the things you need to consider.

1. Weather
Alabama is sunny, warm and mellow generally through out the year however it is important to consider that during the winter the weather can get chilly. Keep in mind that the most preferred time for such an event would be during the summer, due to the sun and the beautiful outside ambience if you intend to have an outdoor wedding, this would cost you more due to the fact that most people travel to Alabama in this period.

2. Bridal fashions
This is the most exciting part of an Alabama wedding, but could easily turn out to be the most disastrous thing if not well taken care of. It is important to note that bridal gowns in any part of the world are not just bought over the counter, it is on order. Thus the bride needs to shop around for the kind of gown that she would like, the make an order at least three months in advance. Finally after the gown has arrived have a fitting at least a month before the wedding day with at least two of your closest female relations with you.

3. Photography
You should settle for a professional photographer for your wedding at least two months before the wedding date. A great photographer will be professional from the start, if he meets you in the fast food joints, or ice cream parlors then that’s not your guy! Meet in his work place or studio let him/her take you through the work that he or she has done before. Ensure that you have all the photography venues well sorted out together so that the pictures reflect on your personality.

4. Ambience and décor.
This is an exciting part of an Alabama wedding. It should totally encompass your personality, since it is your big day. Take your time together with your wedding planner, to go through every detail, and do not overlook any detail. It is normally a good idea to have a florist who doubles up as an ambience expert since then everything falls into place gracefully. Ensure that the florists have the flower arrangements at the venue to set up at least a day before the wedding day.

5. Relaxation.
The whole process can be quite overwhelming especially for the bride and the bridesgroom.It is mandatory that you delegate most roles and reserve only the personal duties for your self. For the wedding day to be a major success you need to relax and pamper your nervous system so that your brain and body are set for what is about to come. Go on now; have yourself a fabulous Alabama wedding.

Published: 06/28/2010 by Alabama Wedding


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