7 Wedding Mistakes To Avoid


Every wedding has its flaws, but there are several wedding mistakes to avoid that can make your big day the finest ever. These are both obvious and subtle slip-ups, so pay attention to them while you plan your wedding day.


1. Thinking That You Can Do It All Yourself
This is the most common of all wedding mistakes to avoid. This is because of spending a lot of time reading wedding magazines and how-to tips online that make you think that you do not need assistance in making invitations, place cards and such. Please hire a wedding planner to help you plan your wedding; it will save you plenty of time and stress.


2. Lacking Your Own Distinct Personality At Your Wedding
It can be challenging to be creative when planning your wedding, and therefore many couples settle for what has already been done. This includes having bible verses from Song of Solomon on your wedding invitation, and reading the “Love is Patient” verses on the wedding day. To be quite honest, these traditions are getting a little tired, so why not write out your own invitation message and vows? You also need personality in the wedding arrangements and decorations as well.


3. Not Considering That It Could Rain On Your Wedding Day
The weather is very unpredictable, and it will not stop for your wedding day. This is another one of many wedding mistakes to avoid, and all it takes is to have a back-up plan in case it does rain on your big day. Do this whether your wedding is indoors or outdoors to save you and your guests from disturbances.


4. Not Leaving Early From Your Wedding Reception Party
This subtle wedding mistake to avoid is often overlooked by some couples. The problem is that waiting until your last guests have departed kills the happy mood because of seeing the empty reception hall. It is best if you left the guests to have fun freely while you are gone. Your gifts can be taken care of by your friends, family and wedding planner. Again, what is better than leaving your party with your guests cheering for you?


5. Overlooking The Time You Will Spend Taking Wedding Portraits
Posing for photographs is often time consuming, and it takes you away from your reception party. Spending precious time taking your portraits is one of the wedding mistakes to avoid with 2 solutions. You could have your pictures taken before your wedding begins, or you could hire a good photographer who can work well and fast. Also have your photographer take spontaneous pictures of you instead of reenacting every significant moment.


6. Making The Wedding Rehearsal Similar To The Actual Wedding
The aim of a wedding rehearsal is so that both families can get to know each other better, not to have two weddings. Do make your rehearsal unique, with a different plan of events to your actual wedding, to avoid having an unpleasant déjà vu feeling on the day of.


7. Not  Spending Some Time Together After Exchanging Vows
The truth is that you two will be separated in the course of the wedding reception. This is one of the particular wedding mistakes to avoid at all costs, so get away for about 15 minutes after saying your vows to enjoy the moment together.

Published: 08/02/2010 by Wedding Tips


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