7 Ideas For A Easy Iowa Wedding


“I want it to be ‘special.'” That’s what you’ll hear from most brides when asked what they expect their Iowa wedding to be like. But just what makes your wedding special? To some brides, it is the bridal fashion, others will mention the cake, the wedding reception site and the list goes on and on till the last name on the wedding guest list. But according to the recent survey study by Harris Interactive, personalizing a wedding celebration gives it that special touch, with fifty-one percent of respondents saying they would use candies that match their wedding colors as favors. The survey also indicated that a significant portion of respondents would use candies as centerpieces (22 percent) and as wedding cake decorations (19 percent).

Wedding Favors
Wedding favors are small gifts given as a gesture of appreciation or gratitude to guests from the bride and groom during a wedding ceremony or a wedding reception. Every wedding is different in its own special way, so is the variety of unique wedding favors to your guest’s tables as a thank you to them for being with you on your special day. From Guest Photo Albums, to toasting glasses to the "Reflections of Love" Compact Velveteen Mirror and Photo Frame, Iowa Wedding vendors ensure that you will find exactly what you are looking for to make your wedding unique!
Coming up with wedding favor ideas is not like coming up with something like bridal shower ideas. Although they are both related to weddings, they both have two different meanings and this brings up the question, how can you make your wedding celebration easy? Well this has to do with these 7 great affordable ideas!
1.    Fortune Cookies: Buy some fortune cookies in bulk, carefully inscribe sweet, humorous “thank you” message out of each cookie and insert your own names.
2.    Bookmarks: Punch a hole at the top of each bookmark that has an added unique quip with your names and wedding date and use strands of colored fiber as a tassel for this effective and cheap favor.
3.    Photograph CD: Compile photographs from both of your childhoods, then your first pictures together--all the way until this moment is an excellent idea for an affordable Iowa Wedding favor.
4.    Personal message in a glass: Your guests will love the message of thank you and they'll treasure it as a personalized favor for years to come, and you will love how cheap these favors can be!
5.    Gourmet Coffee Packs:  Add different coffee flavors to different tables so guests can trade-off. Place the coffee in tulle and tie a beautiful ribbon which matches your bridal party's theme colors around the favor.
6.    Flower Seed Packages: With a nice note that could read: "May your garden bloom as healthy as our love for one another." Wrap inside mesh of these plant able keepsakes, you are sure to be a hit with your guests!
7.    Deck of Cards: This will really stun your guest especially if you have your images printed on the back of playing cards

Final Gift…
Take the time to really explore all of the fine Iowa wedding favors available, Personalize Your Iowa Wedding!

Published: 06/28/2010 by Iowa Wedding


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