5 Ways to Make Yours the Most Romantic Wedding


We all love a romantic wedding, one that makes us go “Aww!” but also moves our hearts. These 8 portions of your wedding can make it the most romantic ever, so consider them when planning your big day.


Your Inspiration For Your Wedding
Most people agree that such historical themes such as the Victorian era or the medieval times make for the most romantic weddings. How about you explore your imagination and find other greater inspirations? You and your beloved could sit together and explore your experiences in your relationship to find a common romantic inspiration. Maybe it was the way you met that was incredibly dreamy, or a film you watched and enjoyed, or a favorite book. Anything could serve as a romantic theme that you and your guests will swoon over.   


Make The Most Romantic Wedding Invitations
The invitations you send out can also set the romantic mood growing in your guests. Custom invitations with your own declarations of love often do the trick, as well as a heartfelt request to attend the wedding. Get creative with this to have the best romantic effect, such as printing out a short, beautiful anecdote about how you met, which would be a nice touch to your invitation.


1.Your Wedding Location Can Also Be Romantic
Old churches and castles always add a romantic side to your wedding, but you can have a romantic wedding in any location. It all comes down to how you choose to decorate your perfect wedding location. Subtle lighting, pastel colors and lovely flower arrangements can transform your wedding location into a scene of beauty and romance that will keep you and your guests in a mood for love.


2.Choose A Breathtaking Wedding Gown
The moment you walk down the aisle should leave everyone breathtaken. Choose your wedding gown in a way that it suits the general theme of your ceremony and suits you perfectly. A romantic wedding dress does not necessarily need to be fancy- a simple, gorgeous dress can make any blushing bride look like a beautiful damsel straight from a fairytale.   


3.Write Your Own Unique Wedding Vows
Romantic personalized vows work every single time, especially when they are well written and come from the heart. Even more romantic is keeping them a secret, meaning that your partner does not know what your vows are until the day of the wedding. The effect is always spectacular, moving the happy couple to tears of joy, with the guests’ hearts swollen with happiness.


4.Choose The Most Romantic Wedding Music
Music has always been connected with romance, so choose the best songs to accompany your wedding. The key is to find lyrics that say exactly what you both feel for each other. You can have your deejay play them for you, or have a live band to sing them at the ceremony.


5.Have A Little Secret Between You And Your Partner For Your Own Romance
The romance is not just for your guests but also for you as a couple. Some couples choose to put on matching underwear as their little secret, so you can have your own little romantic touch known to only the two of you. Whatever you choose should be intimate and lovely, that will keep you in a romantic mood throughout your wedding day.

Published: 07/30/2010 by Wedding Directory


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