5 Tips to Finding the Perfect Wedding Location


Finding the perfect wedding location is a huge decision for every couple. There are so many little details that must be taken into consideration, but here are 5 basic tips that can make the whole experience so much easier!


Know Your Wedding Location Needs As A Couple
Many times choosing the perfect wedding location is left to the brides, who have been dreaming of their perfect wedding ever since they could remember. Involve your partner in choosing the location of your wedding! Some of the things you need to consider are the type of wedding you want, whether it is religious or civil, as well as the style of the wedding, whether it is contemporary or classic, or a mixture of both.  You should also consider that your wedding location may also be indoors or outdoors. Make these decisions together so that your choice can be a beautiful blend of your personalities.


Start Looking For The Perfect Wedding Location Well In Advance
Now that you both have a good idea about what you both want for your wedding venue, start making calls and looking on the Internet for your dream wedding location. Yes, it is possible to find the best wedding location, but only if you start searching several months before your actual wedding day. A word of advice: it is always ideal to plan your wedding day during the off peak seasons because wedding venues are usually all booked during the summer.


Always Keep Your Guest List In Mind While Choosing Your Wedding Location
One of the main reasons why you are looking for the perfect wedding location is for your guests. You want them to be comfortable and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime celebration. It would be best to categorize your guests into the elderly, children, those with disabilities, and so on. The perfect wedding location caters to all your guests’ needs, such as sitting arrangements, access to the bathrooms, and a section to care for toddlers.


Your Wedding Location Should Accommodate All Your Guests In One Place
To avoid the inconvenience of having your guests drive to another place for the reception party, why not have one location for both the wedding and the reception? This works perfectly for an outdoor wedding, but you can also combine indoor and outdoor. You could say your vows in a small chapel and set up the reception party in the church’s compound. The key is to choose a building with a large enough yard to accommodate all your guests.


Find Out What Is Included In The Wedding Venue Package
The perfect wedding location is within your budget range, and also comes with additional features that make your planning hassle free. Some of the best wedding venues provide you with the linens, tables, chairs, flowers and other items, of course at a price. These are mostly charged per person, so always ask for estimates before making your choice. If you find that it is better to outsource these services at a much lesser cost, discuss this with the wedding venue company or owner.


Remember to be creative in your choice of the perfect wedding location. Be flexible, play around with ideas, and soon enough you will find the ideal place to have your wedding and make great memories.

Published: 07/29/2010 by Wedding Locations


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